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Date Event Time
10/29 WITCC Transfer Fair 10:00 AM-01:00 PM
11/19 Fall Virtual Career Fair 01:00 PM-03:00 PM

Resume Assistance

Your resume is often your first impression to an employer. It is what will provide prospective employers with your education, employment, awards and other skills showing them how you are the perfect candidate for the position in their company. Since your resumé may receive as little as fifteen seconds or so to "grab their attention," it is important to make a good first impression.

Resumé Development - Knowing what to include on a resumé is as important as what to say and how it is presented. Click on Resumé Development to begin laying the groundwork for your resumé.

Resumé Tips – Now that you have developed a foundation for your resumé, click on Resumé Tips for ways to put a little more focus on some areas.

Resumé Writing – Your resumé is an important tool that can make or break your job search. If it is not well written, it will not get you to the next stage…the interview. Click on Resumé Writing to walk through the common elements in the resumé and what to include. A sample resumé is also available to view.

Resumé Comparisons – Review four versions of the same resumé to see how it transforms from "Less than ideal" to "You'll get the job!". Click on Resumé Comparisons to review these comparisons.

Resumé Review – Proofreading your resumé is one of the most important things tasks to do after you have written your resumé. Click on Resumé Review for guidelines to help make your resumé more complete and eye-catching. You may also submit your resumé online for review by an HR professional for feedback from an employer's point of view. Click on Submit Your Resumé for Review here or at the top of the page.