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Resume Review

After you have written your resume, proofreading it is one of the most important things you can do. Print a copy of your resume, read it and give it to someone else to read. You may also submit your resume online to be reviewed by an HR professional from an employer point of view.
Use the following points to review your resume to make sure important information is complete and eye-catching.

Your resume should be in Word or other text format or a pdf. It may take up to five business days for us to review and get back with you. We will send you an email with suggested changes, so make sure your email address is correct.

  1. Resume inviting to read, with clear sections and ample white space.
  2. Resume sections clearly labeled.
  3. Design elements like spacing and font size used consistently throughout the document.
  4. Used appropriate formatting (paragraph, bullet point).
  5. No careless typos or spelling, grammar or syntax errors.
  6. Content flow logical and easy to understand.
  7. Resume includes key words that would be used in a search for desired position.
  8. Contact information is complete and accurate.
  9. Career objective included toward the top of the resume in a headline, objective or qualifications summary and specific to the career.
  10. Is the work history listed in reverse chronological order (most recent job first)?
  11. Provide descriptive statements (using action verbs) to illustrate responsibilities and accomplishments.
  12. Name and page number are provided on second page (if applicable).
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