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Necessary Job Search Skills

In today's world, job searching is not usually a one time event in most people's work life. Studies show that the average person will change jobs more frequently than in the past. The change is due, in part, to the fluctuating economy and fast-paced technological and scientific advances. It is important to learn the techniques of job search and consider it an invaluable and evolving life-time skill for present and future use.
Therefore, job search skills need to be constantly maintained and updated throughout your work life. Once you have acquired job seeking skills:

  • Your confidence increases and your fears about looking for a new job are reduced.
  • Your ability to interview and present yourself and your skills improves.
  • You have more knowledge and are better prepared to move up the career ladder.
  • You are more employable to potential employers when you are employed.
  • You know more about the needs and trends of the labor market.
  • You are more aware of your value and worth to your employer and the labor market.
  • You know how to highlight your skills and abilities to stay ahead of the competition, achieve upward mobility, and negotiate successfully.

It is recommended that you make the most of the valuable skills and assets acquired through your job search.

  • Keep your skills current. Maintain a list of new software, responsibilities and achievements.
  • Update our resume when you have gained new skills, abilities and accomplishments.
  • Get the training or experience you will need to move up or to a different employer.
  • Maintain a list of awards, accomplishments and recognitions to present to your supervisor to lobby for a raise or for upward mobility. Also include that information on resumes and cover letters.

(This information provided by IowaWORKS as a partner of Western Iowa Tech Community College.)