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Unity Point Health
2720 Stone Park Blvd
Sioux City IA 51104

Job Description:
- Coordinate the office schedule with cardiologist, clinical, and clerical personnel so as to enhance thorough and efficient patient appointments.
- Act as team member to keep patient and doctor flow running smoothly. 
- Work with family physicians and pharmacies to maintain patient prescription refills.
- Assist doctor with treadmills including prepping, teaching, and observing patients.
- Apply and educate on the use of Holter Monitors.
- Data entry of lab work form epic to EMR.
- Weighing, taking vitals, listing medications and completing assessment sheets on the patients prior to exams.
- Keep exam rooms clean, scopes and clinical equipment maintained and making sure all equipment is turned off and cleaned at the end of the day.
- Maintain operation of equipment and call for repairs and order supplies.
- Obtain 12-lead EKG's.
- Stocking the clinical areas with supplies.
- Assisting the rest of the office staff as needed.
- Bi-Yearly recertification CPR recertification, maintaining nursing license.
- Chart tear down after appointments and marking items that need scanned.
- Assist drop-in patients.

Required Skills:

- LPN license

Minimum Work Experience:

- +2 years in medical or clinical setting


- Establishing requirements for initial licensure, LPN and retaining: basic education, continuing education and/or competency

- Basic computer knowledge in software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Systoc. Administrative: Typing, proofreading, and opening mail, data entry, customer relations. Ability to communicate effectively (verbal, nonverbal and written) and document information accurately.
- Proficient nursing skills including assessing, first aid and referring.
Pay Rate: 15.22 - 22.50
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Shifts: Days, Weekends
Additional Information:

Nate Wright-Simmons

05/14/19 through 07/14/19

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