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Unity Point Health
2720 Stone Park Blvd
Sioux City IA 51104

Job Description:
Provide routine technical nursing support under supervision in Occupational Health Medicine On-Site Program according to established standards and practices. Performs various related clerical and support functions.

Office Coordination & Clinical Duties

·        Provide medical care to injured/ill employees/employee populations, student/student populations within the Occupational Medicine clinic and onsite nurse locations
·        Assists with post job offer physicals, periodic health screenings, vitals, substance abuse testing, audiometric/pulmonary and respiratory and other surveillance as needed
·        Provide immunizations onsite i.e. flu shots, tetanus, hepatitis b and TB skin testing/reading results
·        Acquires information from the patient regarding medical history and provides nursing care, referral and follow-up of employees who become ill or injured on the job.
·        Assists with health and wellness education
·        Perform venipuncture for routine testing.
·        Perform glucose reading/monitoring
·       Assists with clerical duties (data entry, scheduling, billing, send out wellness screening results)
·       Assist with and provides wellness activities at onsite company such as blood pressure screening, wellness blood testing, biometric testing, health coaching and educational programs.

·       Informs and educates patients on services to be performed and report results as requested/needed.
·        Assist with facilitating employee/student return to work/school and fitness for work duty related to work related or personal health issues.
·        Manage day to day activities of onsite nurse locations to include:
            Medical/nurse supply management
            Health consultation with the company
Collaborate with community and UnityPoint resources with company as appropriate.
Maintain onsite medical records in compliance with state and federal regulations.
Support company compliance with state and federal regulations i.e. OSHA, works compensation etc.

Required Skills:
LPN license

BCLS certification required. Current Iowa license
Pay Rate: 15.22 - 22.50
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Shifts: Days, Weekends
Additional Information:

Nate Wright-Simmons

05/14/19 through 07/14/19

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