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Promotions Coordinator

WinnaVegas Casino Resort
1500 330th St.
Sloan IA 51055

Job Description:
-Responsible for timely creation and implementation of casino promotions.
-Able to identify and quantify expenditures on all promotional activities.
-Responsible for maintaining all records on sales department activities, helping to use positive incentive programs and keeping involved on cost effectiveness of sales approaches.

1. Must have a telephone.
2. Must possess a valid driver's license.
3. Able to work flexible hours (Weekends/Holidays).
4. Must be dependable, self-starter, able to handle several tasks simultaneously with little or no supervision.
5. Must be able to withstand a smoky environment for extended periods of time, with direct exposure to secondhand smoke.
Required Skills:
1. High School diploma or GED required.
2. College degree preferred.
3. Comprehensive computer skills
4. Extensive statistical and math skills required.
5. Previous sales experience (preferably in casino environment)
6. Must have excellent communication and presentation skills.
7. Leadership skills and abilities.
8. Must be able to obtain gaming license.
9. Bi-cultural experience preferred.
10. Native American preference.
Shifts: Flexible, Evenings, Weekends
Benefits: Medical,Pension/401k
Additional Information:
Visit our official website,, and fill out a full application or call our Recruiting Specialist, Julia Snow, at 712-428-7198.

Brandi Velasco

06/16/20 through 08/16/20

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