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11/19 Fall Virtual Career Fair 01:00 PM-03:00 PM

Dos and Dont's

When looking for a new job, remember these simple do's and don'ts.

  • Honesty
    • Do: Be honest
    • Don't: Embellish or fabricate details, facts or experience.
  • Employment Gaps
    • Do: Explain these gaps by stating "returned to school," "hep friend start a new business," "traveled," or other reason. If your reason is health related or due to a disability, it is your personal decision whether or not you want to disclose this fact. (Unless your problem prevents you from doing the job safely, it is probably not necessary to disclose.) I the gap is less than one year, don't list it. There is no written rule that says you must account for every month of every year.
    • Don't: Leave large gaps or absences in your employment history.
  • Activities
    • Do: List these in your skills and accomplishments; they may include qualities useful for the position.
    • Don't: Forget to include any activities you may have done during an employment gap.
  • Pay Rates
    • Do: Use a pay range that reflects the local area.
    • Don't: List a specific pay rate.
  • Reasons for Leaving
    • Do: Use words to describe the situation like "moved," "seasonal employment," or "laid off." However, you should be ready to explain.
    • Don't: Use words like "fired" or "let go".

(This information provided by IowaWORKS as a partner of Western Iowa Tech Community College.)